I live in Derbyshire but my school is in Cambridgeshire – can I enter the competition?

Yes – because you live in Derbyshire, one of the five qualifying counties

I am currently in Year 13 – can I enter the competition?

No – because you will no longer be at school in Autumn 2021

I play the piano and also sing – can I enter both classes?

No – the rules state that you can only enter one class

How do I enter?

Complete the online entry form (available soon)

How do I pay my entrance fee?

By BACS – see details on the entry form.  Remember that your reference is your initial and surname 

How will I know that my entry has been received?

You will receive an email acknowledgement within five working days of the BACS transfer

Do you accept late entries?

Only in exceptional circumstances

What happens if my performance is too long?

Since the adjudicators will have a copy of your music, they may allow you to finish as long as you are very close to the end.   If not, you will be asked to stop.

Will I be penalised if my performance overruns?

No but you should consider the overall impact of your final performance if you are unable to complete it 

Do I have to introduce my pieces?


Can I play the same pieces in all three rounds?


Is there a written adjudication?