Testimonials from previous entrants

Matthew Glendening – Clarinet

‘…Winning the NYMY competition is a great memory for me. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet other talented musicians from the area and it pushed me to take my playing to the next level, allowing me to develop my performance skills from an early age…’

The Kanneh Mason Family

‘…We all found the experience of entering Nottingham Young Musician very helpful and very memorable. Learning how to put together a programme, to perform in front of an audience and to adjudicators, taught us how to communicate the music we had learned and practised. Nottingham Young Musician is so supportive and friendly, and we always thought of each round as a concert and a celebration of music, rather than a competition. It gave us the chance to hear others play and to gain valuable advice about our own playing. It was one of the main events of our music learning, very formative and very exciting…’ Isata, Sheku, Konya and Jeneba Kanneh-Mason

Bethany Caswell – Harp

‘…Competing in Nottingham Young Musician of the Year was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, which taught me so much about expressing what I want to say through music to an audience. The whole team are really friendly and supportive, helping you to feel at ease throughout the competition. Winning NYMY has helped me to further my musical career by exposing me to some invaluable performance opportunities…’